I.            Bioplastics – Basic Principles

     II.            Biopolymers, bioblends and biocomposites

   III.            Green processes for bioplastics

  IV.            Degradation and environmental fate of bioplastics

     V.            Poster Sessions


-         Biopolymers: biothermoplastics, bioelastomers, biothermosets and biofibres)

-         Biomonomers for chain-growth or step-growth polymerization

-         Bio(nano)fillers and related filled-biopolymers/bio(nano)composites

-         Bioadditives : antioxidants, stabilizers, antiUV

-         Bioblends : production and applications

-         Charaterization and properties of bioplastics

-         Green (solvent free) processes for biopolymers : reactive extrusion, supercritical fluid based-processes, bioreactors,...

-         Application domains of biopolymers, bioblends and related bio(nano)composites

-         New and emerging markets for bioplastics

-         Regulatory and ecological issues


R. Narayan (US): "Tutorial on biobased and biodegradable plastics – principles, concepts and technology exemplars"

E. Chiellini (Italy): “Polymers of natural origin, structure, properties & isolation”

J.F Gérard (France) : “Synthetic polymers from renewable resources”

C. Bastioli (Italy): “Industrial issues for bioplastics”

B. Pukanszki (Hungary): “Biofillers and bionanofillers”

A. Dufresne (France): “Bio(nano)composites”

L. Tighzert (France):“Bioblends and bioadditives”

I. Mondragon (Spain): “Role of bioresources in conventional plastic materials”

L. Paternostre (Belgium): “Green processes for bioplastics”

P. Dubois (Belgium): “ Bioplastics and reactive extrusion”

M. Malinconico (Italy): “Biopolymers in crop, food, health and building protection: a world of sustainable applications”

B. Vergnes (France): “Processing and rheology of bioplastics”

A. Duda (Poland): “New synthetic pathways to biodegradable polymers”

G. Camino (Italy): “Bioplastics degradation”

G.L. Baldo (Italy): “Lifecycle of bioplastics and environmental regulations”

J.J. Caboche (France): “New and emerging markets for bioplastics”